The American Dream: World’s Longest Limo Restored by Florida Man

It’s nice when we get a news story that includes ‘Florida Man’ in the headline that doesn’t go on to tell the tale of some disastrous plan that only further embarrasses the good people of the Sunshine State. Thankfully, this is one of those stories where ‘Florida Man’ does good by rescuing ‘The American Dream,’ the world’s longest limousine.

Yes, The American Dream IS the world’s longest limo, at least according to the Guinness World Records organization. At 100 feet and 1.5 inches, we can’t imagine it has too many challengers to its throne. But as impressive as this 25,000-odd pound, helipad-equipped, massive Cadillac is, what’s even more impressive is that its restoration was completed at all. This limo was in terrible shape, a rotted hulk that would take a gargantuan effort to bring back to life… read more >

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