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The ATK/Maico 700: A FORGOTTEN 700cc two-stroke GIANT

This 700cc two-stroke was a short-lived project brought to the U.S. by Frank White of ATK. Even though it says ATK on the side of the tank, it was the last vestige of Maico. After family problems caused the break-up of Maico in the mid ’80s, the tooling and the intellectual rights went to a Dutch company. The gigantic two-stroke motor, as it turned out, was great to power sidecars, and that’s what the company specialized in for the next 30 years. But they still made a few dirt bikes. Frank White, who owns ATK, had a fascination for the motorcycles and imported a few under his company’s name. We actually rode one of the massive two-strokes about 15 years ago. It seemed like someone dropped an airplane motor into a motorcycle chassis. It wanted to run at one specific rpm level all day… read more >

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