The Best A-Team Toys and Merchandise

Like every other popular franchise in the ’80s, The A-Team produced a massive amount of licensed toys and merchandise. If you could fit an image of Mr. T on it, the marketing companies were sure to take full advantage. And who could blame them? The show was a little boy’s dream! I was 6 years old when the A-Team debuted, and the merchandise would be a nice piece of my childhood collection pie. Some of my collection included B.A. and Murdock figures (still have the Murdock minus an arm. I figure he pushed B.A.’s button one too many times as some point.) I had a diecast van that was just a little smaller in scale to my figures. The van had a sliding door and I remember still cramming the larger figures in the back… read more >

The A-Team 1983 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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