The Best of BraveStarr: 15 Amazing Episodes

Tex Hex was a cowboy-themed villain that was originally intended for Filmation’s Ghostbuster’s series, but instead ended up becoming the main villain in Bravestarr.

As the popularity of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe began to wane in the mid 1980s, legendary animation studio Filmation turned their attention to a new, original series. A reportedly 65 million dollar venture, BraveStarr chronicles the adventures of the aforementioned Space Marshal, as he seeks to uphold law and order in the 23rd century.

Guided and granted animal spirit powers by his Sharman, BraveStarr protects the planet of New Texas from the machinations of an evil, demonic broncosaur named Stampede, and his similarly supernaturally enhanced crony, Tex Hex. Aided by a talking equestroid – the gun-toting Thirty-Thirty, and potential love interest Judge J.B. McBride, BraveStarr unlocks his superhuman powers by way of four thrill-inducing commands – Strength of the Bear, Eyes of the Hawk, Ears of the Wolf, and Speed of the Puma.

The BraveStarr franchise was conceived by cartoon studio Filmation, but the television series would not be broadcast for a year after the toy line was released.

Susceptible to stubbornness and impulsiveness, though blessed with extraordinary abilities, BraveStarr is a much more fallible Filmation hero – often calling upon Sharman for assistance before resolving the predicament of the week.

Made for syndication in the U.S., this left producers free of network guidelines and able to touch upon far more serious subject matter – tackling the horrors of drug addiction in one shockingly graphic episode – and providing a poignant backstory for its main protagonist, Tex Hex. Commonplace in any Filmation production, the scenery on display is beautiful, and though some may argue the animation is nothing more than functional at best, the show is lovingly produced and never less than entertaining… read more >

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