The Big Oly Bronco

The Big Oly Bronco is arguably the most popular Bronco in the world, and I’d bet $1.87 Million on it. Parnelli Jones had been racing under the Bill Stroppe banner for a few years in some production Broncos, but those were mostly stock with reinforced suspension and beefed up motors. Jones was a thoroughbred, and he wanted his race vehicle to be the same. Jones first went to Stroppe about an idea he had for a full tilt race Bronco, but Stroppe wasn’t interested. Jones, not going to take no for an answer, went to Dick Russell, one of Stroppes’ lead fabricators, and talked him into secretly building him a full tilt race Bronco. Once Stroppe got wind of their little plan, he was furious, but then started looking at the half built racer and warmed up to the idea. The Bronco was moved from Russell’s garage to Stroppes race shop and was completed in time for the 1970 Mexican 1000… read more >

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Adult Toys

In 1976 Chrysler was taking part in a shameless product line few people are aware of today dubbed ‘Adult Toys’. The toys were a series

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