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The Black Phone & 10 other Great Stories by Joe Hill

One of the breakout horror movies of the year so far has been The Black Phone, starring Mason Thames and Ethan Hawke. It centers on a teenager who a masked man kidnaps. In the killer’s basement, he discovers a mysterious telephone that lets him communicate with his abductor’s previous victims. It’s based on a short story by writer Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King.

Over the last two decades, Hill has established himself as a leading voice in horror and science fiction. His work tends to be cinematic (like father, like son), lending itself naturally to screen adaptations. In addition to The Black Phone, Hill’s novels NOS4A2, and Horns have also been adapted, as have his graphic novel series Locke & Key, and a few short stories. But these only scratch the surface. Hill’s work includes many more tales that would work well on the silver screen… read more >

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