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The wild story of the Blockbuster World Video Game Championship

The wild story of the Blockbuster World Video Game Championship takes place back in a time when making a living playing video games was a punchline at best. Currently, they’re thousands around the world who are ‘pro’ gamers playing games online with big followings. So, let’s go back to a time when the idea of being a ‘champion’ at video games was a novel idea and the nation’s largest video rental chain decided to partner with GamePro Magazine to organize the biggest video game competition of all time.

In the far-away time of the ’90s, video store rental chain Blockbuster set out to prove who is the Blockbuster World Video Game Championship. Internet person of genuine regard, Whang! digs into the story of the world-wide tournament that he participated in, how it crowned a legitimate winner from hundreds of thousands, and the controversy that followed who would be champ.

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