The Boston Beaneaters

The Boston Braves trace their origins to the Boston Base Ball Association, which was first established on January 20, 1871. Between 1871 and 1882, the team officially played as the Boston Red Stockings. Historically the team was known as the Boston Red Caps during their first seven seasons in the National League. Starting in 1883 they were officially referred to simply as “Boston” or “the Bostons”. During that period and until 1906, the team was popularly known as the Boston Beaneaters, although this nickname had no official standing. For four seasons, the team was referred to as the Boston Doves and for one season as the Boston Rustlers. On occasion in the 19th century, the team was known as the Boston Nationals, in order to differentiate between them and rival Boston clubs. The Nationals name was used more often starting in 1901 with the addition of the Boston Americans in the rival American League… read more >

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