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Marvin T. Milk a.k.a Mother’s Milk b.k.a. MM, played by the fantastic Laz Alonso, is one of the most grounded and well-crafted characters on The Boys. He isn’t the fearful (until recently) Hughie nor the often callous and unpredictable Butcher. He’s not a supe but instead a highly skilled medic, loving father, clever fixer, and a man whose past haunts him. And, in the midst of many hi jinks, he’s the serious yet caring guy who’s often unintentionally funny as hell. But, there’s one more claim to fame for MM: T-shirt God. It’s a small detail that many may not notice; however, it says a lot about his personality… read more >

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thrill of speed

“Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.” – Hunter S. Thompson Death Proof 1972 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Ventriloquist Dummy

“You’re watching a ventriloquist named Jerry Etherson, a voice-thrower par excellence. His alter ego, sitting atop his lap, is a brash stick of kindling with

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Wienie Roast

When you consume a lot of wieners, you will most likely experience an aftertaste. Of course, if it’s weeks later, you may have had a

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