The Camaro Kammback Story

For many years I had liked the idea of a “shooting brake” model, as exemplified by Aston Martin and others. My Art Center portfolio included a Stingray type of sports car with the “shooting brake” profile. My first assignment after Design Development was in an advanced studio, where I first sketched a design with quarter glass rolling into the roof and a kammback profile.

The name Kamm comes from Dr. Wunibald Kamm, a German aerodynamicist whose theory, stated briefly, was that if you can’t continue a form eight degrees from the horizontal to its conclusion as a teardrop shape, it should be abruptly ended. I was not successful in selling this design… read more >

Z28 Macho Machine 1977 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Packerland Transport

Sigfried Frankenthal founded Packerland Packing in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1960 and proceeded to built one of the largest meat packing operations in the Midwest.

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