The Cars of Debbie Harry

In 1979, the pop world was agog over a New Wave band fronted by an aggressive and slightly loopy blonde female singer known as Debbie Harry. The band was Blondie. Their hits were legion. From the breakthrough album “Parallel Lines” in 1978 alone they had “Hanging On the Telephone,” “One Way or Another,” Sunday Girl” and “Heart of Glass.” Blondie’s band accrued several more hit songs before the decade was over. It wasn’t an easy road to the top. Blondie was formed after the fall out of Debbie’s previous band, The Stilettos in the summer of 1974. Debbie Harry and her partner/collaborator, Chris Stein, were Stiletto band members but the girl fronted doo wop band wasn’t having much success getting gigs, let alone a record deal.

Blondie was a new start, christened by the nickname passer-bys always called Debbie. She liked it, thought it was catchy and suitable for the kind of music she envisioned the new band playing. The Punk rock scene from England was starting to affect New York City clubs and Blondie was hanging around with early fans of the music including Richard Hell, The Ramones and Television. Blondie also remained friends with the New York Dolls and The Magic Tramps who represented the Glam Rock scene. Through this entire period of transition and growth towards becoming major music stars. Debbie Harry drove a classic pony car; a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro coupe… read more >

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