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The Case of the Partners in Crime Curse

Being a connoisseur of Charlie’s Angels from a very early age, I remember I was sent sky-high when I learned Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) and Loni Anderson (WKRP in Cincinnati) were teaming up to solve mysteries on a show called Partners in Crime. They might be missing a third partner and a boss who gives assignments by speakerphone, but somehow I knew there’d still be plenty of sparkly fashion and big hair between the two of them, along with a steady stream of danger, unbelievable hijinks, and obscure guest stars… read more >

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The 99 Records Story

From ESG to LCD, Ed Bahlman’s punk-funk record label, 99 Records, is one of the most influential New York imprints ever. The nondescript exterior doesn’t

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Tie score

And you know how we settle tie scores around here, right? Muff Diver’s International Union Local 69 1903 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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