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The Cast of Heavyweights: Where Are They Now?

Heavyweights came out back in 1995, long before Kenan Thompson and Judd Apatow were household names, the comedic powerhouses joined forces with a still-on-the-rise Ben Stiller in this big-screen comedy about youngsters at a “fat camp” and the manic fitness guru who takes over.

Upon its original release, the film wasn’t a hit with critics or moviegoers, earning poor reviews and less than $18 million at the box office. “Heavyweights is really two movies in one, and they don’t mesh,” New York Times critic Stephen Holden observed at the time. “One movie is a no-holds-barred spoof of a Tony Little– or Susan Powter-style fitness merchant, in which maniacal perkiness is equated with uncontrollable rage. The other movie is a conventional family comedy that pokes lighthearted fun at the chubby young campers.” Read more >

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