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The Chevy C10 History That Everyone Should Know

If you love old Chevy and GMC trucks it might be because you have memories from when you were a kid riding in one of those early models. Or you might just love the classic lines and the way they look. Chevy C10s were built by General Motors in four different generations spanning forty-two years. This is a list of the four GM C10 generations and the years they were built:

  • 1st generation 1960 to 1966
  • 2nd generation 1967 to 1972
  • 3rd generation 1973 to 1987
  • 4th generation 1988 to 2002 (C10 changed to Chevrolet C/K 1500)

There is a lot of interesting history about the C10 model truck for those who are rebuilding one and for those who just like them. Follow along as we go into the details of this old classic… read more >

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