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The Cramps Are Forever

The hardest part about being a rock star is that everybody gets old. For a rock star, that can a fate worse than dying—no wonder all those lyrics and legends are about dying young. If you stick around longer, those little pants don’t fit so right, and you have to do adult stuff like pay taxes, and you look dumb being a jerk when you have a loving wife and kids. Looking rebellious, at a certain age, is the kind of thing that can’t be fixed by a facelift…. unless you’re The Cramps. The witchiest band to ever do it, the Cramps emerged out of CBGB in the mid-’70s with a twangy and spare rockabilly sound and campy lyrics howled out by lead singer Lux Interior. Lux was married to the band’s other founding member, Poison Ivy, who played guitar and wrote growly bops, and looked great. They stayed together for 33 years, only breaking up when Lux died in 2009… read on >

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Dirt Road Diaries

I don’t keep diaries anymore, they’re quite incriminating. I just keep all the dirt road diaries in my head… – Luke Bryan Don’t Forget Winona

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Big Ramp

It was a pretty exciting time when skateboarders left the ground and started going higher in ramps and purpose-built pools and skateparks, but some of

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