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The Datsun 510 is still a cheap thrill

If you have race-car dreams as you scroll through for-sale listings, you might be feeling discouraged by the prices of famously fast cars. Forget GT40s, Superbirds, and Cobras. You can still cosplay Bob Bondurant, Bobby Allison, or John Morton. Just pick up a 1968–73 Datsun 510. Even if you aren’t planning a Trans-Am racing revival, the “Nickel Dime,” or just “Dime,” as enthusiasts call it, looks crisp and cool. Beginning mechanics will find it simple and reliable, and it’s easy to make performance upgrades. Best of all, average #3 values for a good driver-quality 510 are about $10,000, which leaves plenty of cash left over for a BRE stripe package… read more >

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Have a nice jay

They say that injecting just one marijuana pill can turn deadly, but I’ve never actually heard of that happening… just sayin’ 🤣 Have a Nice

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Eastbound & Down

When you roll into the shindig with 400 cases of ice-cold Colorado Kool-Aid straight outta Texarkana 🍺 #Beer #EastBoundAndDown #SmokeyAndTheBandit #Overalls #BeerLover #Trucker #BanditTrucking #PsyneCo

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Tube Socks

These are the raddest socks ever, so don’t even try debating it. #TubeSocks #1970s #Vintage #Psyne #vintagelook #vintagephoto #vintagetoys #vintagelife #vintagegirl Haddonfield Memorial Softball Team

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