The Demise of Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield was formed amidst a cultural upheaval and police aggression in Los Angeles in 1966. The main songwriters of the group were Neil Young and Stephen Stills who — along with Ritchie Furay on guitar, Bruce Palmer on bass, and Dewey Martin on drums — created one of the first folk-rock bands. They also took cues from the San Francisco psychedelic scene and the kind of rock ‘n’ roll British bands were introducing to the States. Buffalo Springfield were a melting pot of ideas and styles. Buffalo Springfield’s sound was influenced and informed by the artistic atmosphere formed in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood; other groups associated with this hotbed of creativity were The Byrds, The Mamas the Papas, The Beach Boys, among others. Together they created what has become known as the ‘California sound’ associated with the ’60s… read more >

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