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In his prime, Kevin Reed was a surfing legend, credited with inventing aerials, Surfing magazine cover star, and worldwide surf competitor. Fast-forward 30 years and his story is quite a different one. Last May, now-homeless Reed was arrested in connection with the death of Steven Lee, 52.

Kevin Reed didn’t just shred waves, he was also a killer skater, best known for riding Lama Flex sticks by Haut Skateboards.

Police were called to the scene after they received reports of a fight and a deceased casualty man. Reed, who was known to have been spending time with Lee in the weeks prior, was arrested.

Although he was released due to lack of evidence, it is clear that Kevin Reed has fallen a long way from his glory days, and the Santa Cruz surf community have been left disheartened that one of their great heroes is struggling so much.

“It’s such a sad story. My uncle used to surf with him. It’s sad to see he is where he is: he’s now homeless, and that drugs put him in that situation is just heartbreaking” local surfer Brad told Wavelength.

“I used to work on the boardwalk, and you’d always see him around. Looking at him, you’d think he was just another homeless bum, not one of the greats, which is disappointing considering how much he’s contributed to surfing and what he’s done for the reputation of Santa Cruz as a surfer town. I think this was a case of just wrong place, wrong time for Reed.” Read more >

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