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The Dodge Ramcharger And Plymouth Trail Duster Deserved A Better Fate

The 1970s gave birth to a new wave of sport-utility vehicles that for the first time adapted full-size pickup truck platforms with passenger-friendly body styles. With the Ford Bronco late to the game in offering a truck-based SUV (not appearing in 1978), the movement was led by Chevrolet and GMC with the Blazer and the Jimmy, respectively.

Sensing a gap between Ford’s smaller Bronco and the popularity of the Blazer/Jimmy pairing, Chrysler decided to get in on the sport-utility action, too. Thus was born the Dodge Ramcharger and its lesser-known sibling, the Plymouth Trail Duster. The Ramcharger spent nearly 20 years as Chrysler’s flagship SUV, but by the 1990s a number of different factors conspired to cut the vehicle’s lifespan short, ending a long and colorful chapter as the toughest Dodge on the showroom floor… read more >

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