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The Enforcer ’76 Chevy Van

This ’76 Chevy van build was originally a promotional ride for Thompson Hydraulics and features a complete four wheel hydraulic system to let it get slow and low. As the story goes, the extensive custom metalwork on the body ended up taking so long, that vannin’ fell out of favor and the company abandoned the project and based on the level of modification, I’d believe it. Luckily, the builder was able to procure the project and continued to work it over the years, but still quite a ways from being finished. It showed up for sale back in December 2021 with an asking price of $10k and that was just for a roller as the mid-engine power train had been pulled years ago. While I respect all the amazing work that went into it, $10k seems pretty steep, but the passion tax is real, and I can’t blame them for asking it. If one did manage to pick this up and finish it out, it would likely end up be a hot box to take down the road with that exposed engine, relegating it to limited driving and show use only. Nonetheless, it’s cool as hell!

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