The Equestranauts

The Equestranauts is the 17th episode of the fourth season of the American animated television series Bob’s Burgers, and the 62nd episode overall. The kids are watching The Equestranauts in preparation for the Equestra Con, which is a convention for people who love the tiny horsie cartoon. Tina is bringing her toy pony, Chariot. But when they get there, it’s pretty much all men dressed up as colorful ponies. Sort of like your worst nightmare of what you might image a Bronie convention to be like, but everyone is much, much older. Tina meets some new middle-aged friends—Sun Puddle Horseplay, Pony Danza, and Bronconious. She’s sort of in heaven, because everyone wants to talk about her favorite cartoon and, in this context, her jokes are funny. But it turns out that they’re just after her first addition Chariot doll. Once they con her out of her toy horse, they gallop away… read more >

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