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The Fast and the Furious: Kosovo Drift

When the bloodiest and most brutal conflict of the 1990s was raging across Eastern Europe, scarring the historic cities and beautiful vistas of the Yugoslavian countryside with crippling fields of tracer fire, surface-to-air missiles, artillery craters, and brutal racial and ethnically-charged street warfare so over-the-top brutal that the United Nations declared the entire thing a war crime, ex-Danish Special Forces Jager Corps operative Helge Meyer did the only reasonable thing any complete and utter stone-cold bonkers hard ass could have done in such a bleak and brutal situation:

He bolted enough reinforced armor plating to his badass American muscle car that it looked like a Post-Apocalyptic Mad Max/Knight Rider fanfic crossover and then hauled ass through the landmine-riddled streets of downtown Sarajevo at 90 miles an hour delivering food to starving children while bandits and guerrillas pinged AK rounds off his rear window and tried to blow his ass up with RPGs. And he did it without the explicit approval of any government agency, military, or NGO, and without ever carrying a weapon larger than a pocketknife and his own radioactive ballsack… read more >

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