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The first official picture of the Beach Boys

Taken in 1963, this is the first official picture of the Beach Boys. The guys are hanging on Sam Conrad’s beautiful roadster outside the Capitol Records building, downtown Hollywood. The car is still around today. Unfortunately, the Halibrand slot mags are gone, but it’s still rolling on slot mags. Mag wheels were the ultimate craze during the 1960s, and no one wanted to stand outside the winner’s circle. Kustomrama contributor and Northern Californian wild child Henrik “Hollywood Hank” Forss has given us an in-depth and colorful guide about mag wheels. Click here to check it out >

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Have a Bewitched Halloween!

Happy Halloween! It doesn’t seem right to discuss Halloween episodes without considering the series that made witches fun—Bewitched. During its eight years from 1964-1972, Bewitched

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