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The Fruity history of Holiday House trailers

What do you do if you have a bunch of seasonal workers who are really good at their jobs, and you don’t want to lay them off when things slow down? If you’re David Holmes, you go from the fancy fruit business to building travel trailers.

Holiday House trailers were literally built by the same crew who would pack those fancy fruit boxes for Harry and David in Medford, Oregon. From January to July there isn’t a lot of demand for fancy fruit baskets, and Holmes got the idea of building travel trailers during this season, so he wouldn’t have to search for great workers when things got fruity, so to speak.

While he had great success in the fancy fruit boxes, Holmes had a passion for travel trailers and decided to use a very modern and stand-out design to make unique towable RVs. Thus, Holiday House was born, and the design is highly iconic and very, very collectible with a huge wrap-around front window that somewhat mirrors the windshields of cars of the era… read more >


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