On its way from Chicago to California, Route 66 passes some of the most spectacular adventures in the U.S. Consider this your guide to kicking up some outdoorsy fun along the historical route.

I have a confession: I might get some of my kicks on Route 66. For an outdoorsy explorer, this may sound sacrilegious. At first glance, Route 66 seems to be mostly about driving long hours between hole-in-the-wall diners, hubcap museums, gas-stations-turned-dive-bars, and vintage motor-hotels.

But there’s a more adventurous side to the Main Street of America. On its way from Chicago to Los Angeles, this historic 20th-century highway makes a 2,500-mile dash across some of the most rugged landscapes in the U.S. Along the way, there’s a mix of famous national parks, like the Grand Canyon, and plenty of lesser-known outdoor spots, like spring-fed rivers, ancestral ruins, and volcanic trails… read more >

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