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The history of radio-controlled car legend Tamiya

Tamiya was the first company to make radio-controlled models that were easy to assemble, but a world away from being simplistic. For countless thousands, it ignited an enduring love of cars and machines and sparked a worldwide cult following. Since the 1960s, Tamiya has made its name through the quality of its static plastic and radio control (R/C) scale kits and, most of all, the ingenuity that goes into their design and the detail in them. The R/C cars and buggies that so many grew up with have intricate chassis and drivelines, with wishbone suspension, dampers, differentials and interchangeable gear ratios (a bit) like the real thing. Driving takes real skill: there’s nothing quite like flinging an R/C buggy around a tight course to sharpen up the reflexes… read more >

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