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The Institute of Oral Love

Today’s post is about a long-gone business establishment on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood — a store that will forever have a fond place in my heart. You can see it in the above photo and I thought I’d tell you a — No, no, no, no! You’re wrong! It’s not the Institute of Oral Love! I swear to you, I never went into that place! I don’t even know for sure what went on in there, but the buzz was that it was kind of a trap where gullible men would wander in, thinking they were going to be physically gratified and then, once they’d shelled out goodly handfuls of cash, a woman would talk dirty to them — and that was it. All talk, no action… read more >

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I think smoking is wrong, but watching women smoke turns me on. It’s dangerous and stupid, but I can’t seem to get this adolescent fantasy

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