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The King’s ’74 Charger

The King is more of a title than a nickname. His record includes 700 Top 10 finishes, 1,184 starts and the only man ever to win his 500th race. Richard Petty is a legend among legends in the motorsport world and is the most successful driver of all time. Countless amounts of us are good drivers, but few could ever get close to Richard Petty’s skill level. However, if you were lucky enough to pick up his old racing Charger at Auction, you could be a little closer.

It really doesn’t get any cooler than a blue and orange STP sponsored NASCAR spec Dodge Charger unless you can point to it and say “that used to be Petty’s, and it won the Daytona 500.” It’s incredible to look at the shape of the bodywork compared to today and imagine how different they must have been to drive… read more >

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Hope You Like Dick

I think she’s just being polite, Lewis… probably should put it away.

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