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The King’s Fourth Great American Race Win

Richard Petty won his fourth Great American Race at the 15th Daytona 500 on this date in 1973. Richard Petty appeared in 32 Daytona 500s and won a record seven times. The King saw a ton of success throughout his career in the Great American Race, but definitely had his fair share of struggles in the sport’s biggest race. Take a look at every single appearance The King made in the Daytona 500 here >

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Daughter Destroyer

Decades ago, young ladies would be running from a van with ‘Daughter Destroyer’ painted on the side, but nowadays, they line up for a shot

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Ectoplasm. The scientific term is Ectoplasm, not ghost cum. Ghostbusters 1984 Original Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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4×4 Econoline

I love these COE Econoline’s to begin with, but turning them into proper Stompers on 44″ rubber? Totally rad IMHO. Live Free or Die 1976

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Back in the spring of 1984, the Beastie Boys’ first manager, Russell “Rush” Simmons got a call from Madonna’s manager who asked if the Beastie

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