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The Last Peep Show

The internet has killed almost as many things as it’s created, including the classic brick and mortar peep shows.

Remember Saturday, April 18th? Sure you do. It was the first gorgeous spring day in NYC when you all wore shorts and had boozy brunch outside, and I couldn’t get a cab because the rest of New York was in them. Well, while you were out basking yourself in sunshine and unlimited watered-down mimosas, I was basking myself in the gritty underbelly that is Times Square’s last few remaining peep shows… and then spent the next 36 hours showering.

One might think that the lingering remnants of Times Square’s famed peep show culture would be seedy, dirty, and altogether a little disturbing. But in reality… it is actually all of these things. Combined. And amplified. To an extraordinary level. We all have heard the storied past of Times Square in the 1980s, told to us in hushed, reverent tones from the boozed-up guy at the back of Jimmy’s Corner… read more >

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