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The last photo of Elvis Presley

On August 15, 1977, Elvis was at his home in Graceland and spent the with his daughter Lisa and fiancée Ginger. That same day at about 10:30 pm, Elvis and Ginger went to see his dentist as he was having tooth pain. Elvis had a personal doctor, dentist, and nurse practitioner on call 24/7, so no waiting weeks for an appointment for the King. Some time after midnight on August 16, 1977, Elvis and Ginger returned home, and The King waved at his fans outside of Graceland’s gates as he pointed his Stutz Blackhawk down the driveway. What probably seemed like any other night watching Elvis return home, would actually be the last time he was seen in public, as the events that followed would ultimately lead to his untimely death… read more >

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