Few drivers make an impact on drag racing like a soft-spoken, determined individual named Lee Shepherd of Arlington, Texas did. When teamed with the formidable duo of fellow Texans David Reher and the late Buddy Morrison, Shepherd became a dominant force in a short span of time. His talent behind the wheel, combined with a non-confrontational personality and a sincere dedication to the Chevrolet brand, soon earned Shepherd the admiration of race fans young and old. He gained a huge amount of respect from fellow racers as well.

It’s pretty safe to say that many teams underestimated the triumvirate from the Lone Star State, which formed under unusual circumstances. Shepherd first joined Reher-Morrison through necessity, and the relationship blossomed from there. The talented driver headed up a team that had developed a reputation in Division 4, and when Shepherd blew the engine in his ride and Reher and Morrison found themselves with an engine and no car, the forces morphed into one. They found success with a few national event wins, and in 1976 they made the huge leap into Pro Stock. The foundation had actually been laid many years before, however… read more >

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