The Legend of Mothman

The year was 1966. Two gravediggers in Clendenin, West Virginia saw a black figure fly over their heads while digging a grave in a cemetery. They didn’t know it then, but they are credited with being the first people to see the famous Mothman. According to legend, Mothman is a black 10-foot creature with wings and red eyes. Shortly after the cemetery incident, residents of Point Pleasant, West Virginia–a few miles west of Clendenin–claim they saw the monster while driving at night. Articles in newspapers at the time were reporting that the monster was also commonly seen in the TNT area near town, with some locals speculating that perhaps people were really seeing cranes or owls and others wondering if the creature was created in some sort of mutation accident involving the chemicals associated with storing TNT. Regardless, legend has it that mysterious men in black suits began visiting the town shortly after the sighting reports… read more >

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