The living lack that kind of clarity

“Each October I walk into the woods looking for bones: rabbit skulls, a grackle spine, the pelvis of a deer with the blood bleached out. What died in the lush of roses and mint shines out from the tangle of twigs that bind it to the place of its last leaping. The living lack that kind of clarity. In late April, when the water spreads out-and-out till everything is lilies and seepage, there is only the mystery of tracks, a rustle receding in the many reeds. And so the bones accumulate across my windowsill: the flightless wings and exaggerated grins, the silent, unmoving reminders of where the glories of April lead.” ― Charles Rafferty, Where the Glories of April Lead

La Grunta Ranch 1906 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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