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The Magic of the Crow’s Nest

When I wax nostalgic about the days when record stores dotted the landscape — the days before smartphones, streaming services, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and, in some cases, even the Internet — I tend to wonder if I’ve just become “that old guy.” Particularly when I bring up what I consider to be the greatest record store of all time — The Crow’s Nest. A free-standing musical paradise that operated in Crest Hill, IL, about 38 miles southwest of Chicago, from the late 1970s through the early 2000s, this place was magic… read more >

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Beach Weather

It may not quite be warm enough to jump in the water, but it’s been feeling about right to cruise the beach… Sand Toys 1970

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427 Vette

If you can contain the rumble and get the power to the ground, this old Chevette would be a killer sleeper 😎 Turbo-Jet 427 1966

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Hippy Muscle Car Ads

In the late ’60s, Peter Max and a handful of other artists brought pop psychedelia into mainstream America, seamlessly bridging the gap between trippy album

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