The Melvan

The Melvins tour vehicle for years was a beat-up ’72 Dodge Sportsman Royal dubbed ‘The Melvan.’ Kurt Cobain drew a ‘KISS mural’ (similar to the cover of Kiss’ self-titled debut) on the side of it and chauffeured the band to their shows before Nirvana was even a thing. With ‘Mean Machine’ emblazoned across the front and “No Talent” across the side, people were left in no doubt The Melvins were in town! The Van sold at auction in 2012 for $24,000, which is most likely as Kurt Cobain memorabilia than for The Melvins lineage. This is too bad, as The Melvins are 10x the band that Nirvana was … just sayin’ H/T>

RKCNDY Seattle 1991 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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