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The Most Feared Car in Super Stock Eliminator

This is my favorite Super Stock car of all time, anywhere, and one of my favorite Super Stock photos. Butch Leal was probably the most successful of the ‘retired’ Chrysler racers who had driven in Pro Stock. He had parked his Ron Butler-built Plymouth Duster that he was running in Pro Stock in favor of this 1965 Plymouth Belvedere, a real Hemi A-990 car that Butler had also built. Remember Super Stock & Drag Illustrated magazine? At the time, they pegged this Plymouth as “the most feared car in Super Stock eliminator.”

They were right, too. The California Flash raced this Hemi hard, using it to win an AHRA World Championship in Super Stock, the class eliminator at the IHRA Summer Nationals, and finish very high in the points with the NHRA season Super Stock chase. I’d love to own this car. It was the baddest Super Stock anywhere. Leal told me this car was his Pro Stocker reincarnated as a 1965 Plymouth. He would stand this thing on its bumper every time he launched, even though Butler had added a lot of weight to it. It was awesome. I shot it at Indy here, probably in 1974. – Jim Donnelly

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