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The Old Rainier Brewery and the ‘Real’ Old Rainier Brewery

Most Seattleites you’d come across these days would refer to the old Rainier Brewery on Airport Way South as the original brewery, but those who have been around a bit longer (because they’re vampires or something) would tell you that there is another, older Rainier Brewery located in Georgetown.

One street: Airport Way South. Two historical brewery sites located 2 miles apart: The “old” Rainier Brewery in Sodo and the “original” Rainier Brewery in Georgetown. The difference between these two locations has puzzled me for some time, but I feel a bit less clueless after a recent sketching excursion.

The Georgetown site is where Seattle’s legendary beer brand was launched by the Seattle Brewing and Malting Company in the 1890s. It has been likened to a cathedral for its size and beauty, and it grew to be the largest industrial operation in the state before Prohibition forced its closure in 1916. Looking at the beautiful row of brick buildings today, I could imagine the horse-drawn carriages rushing to deliver cases of Rainier to thirsty tavern patrons… read more >

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