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The One Quart Motor Oil Can

Highly sought after, this Power-Lube Motor Oil can with tiger graphic came in two slightly different color ways. Value in 9+ condition, $3,000+

Beginning in the 1930s, American oil companies began selling oil in the standard One Quart Oil Can. These cans were branded in thousands of independent & incorporated brands, and were distributed to service stations throughout the country. One Quart Cans were displayed on racks on gas pump islands, as well as in windows of service stations, and were a great way of everyday advertising for thousands of brands of Motor Oil.

​One of the reasons that One Quart Cans are such a unique corner of the Gas & Oil collecting hobby, is that so many were disposed of in their time. Thousands of times a day all throughout the country, the tops of these five inch tall cans were popped, and their contents poured into the engines of the everyday travelers cars. Once the contents were poured out, cans were quickly disposed of, or repurposed in some way. Over the years, I have seen amazing Folk Art done with empty Quart Oil Cans, and I have also seen walls insulated with empty Quart Oil Cans. These disposable pieces of advertising have now become a cornerstone of the Gas & Oil hobby, and are beautiful pieces of hand drawn American art work.

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