The Only Girl by Robin Green: drinking, dope, and deadlines at Rolling Stone

In the summer of 1971 the staff of Rolling Stone Magazine left its headquarters in San Francisco’s Bay Area for an editorial conference at Big Sur. Founded four years earlier by Jann Wenner, the magazine was on a roll, with its coverage of rock music and politics and featuring a cast of writers including Hunter S. Thompson, Greil Marcus and Joe Eszterhas. As Robin Green, then the only female writer on the magazine, says in this colorful autobiography, it felt like “the heartbeat of the most happening thing on the planet.” Green rode to Big Sur with Thompson and Annie Leibovitz, Rolling Stone’s photographer, who Green remembers as notable in those days for her large feet and lack of small talk. Thompson drove the… read more >

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Because driver comfort is overrated, but ripping across the lake at ungodly speeds isn’t #dragboat #detroit #boatracing #lake #bigengines #bighorsepower Tom Beatty Automotive Engineering 1951

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