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The raw contact of the earth itself

The sand clings to her body, like another layer of skin. The coarse caress of what was once a giant mountain. The raw contact of the earth itself. The water rushes over her, vying for her attention. The soft silky touch of water washes all traces of the earth that clung so fervently to her moments ago… read more >

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Central Pontiac

Unless you’ve been around for some time, you probably didn’t know that Seattle’s Capitol Hill was once home to a Pontiac Dealership. Wait, what? Yep.

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Beer Can Tachometer

Yeah, you can keep your fancy new school hood mounted tachometer – I’m rolling with Milwaukee 😎 Schlitz Beer Milwaukee 1849 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Tune in Tokyo

A friend’s dad had this demure, yet creepy old doll sitting off to the side of his workbench for years, and one day while working

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