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The Rig: What you don’t know can still kill you

“What you don’t know can still kill you,” remarks one character to another in The Rig, a new supernatural thriller from Amazon Prime Video. The camera pans across his shoulder, fixing its gaze on the window behind him and offering a brief glimpse of the swirling cloud of ash and smoke and rain that surrounds Kinloch Bravo oil rig.

150 miles off the coast of Scotland, Kinloch Bravo is mining for North Sea oil. It’s the oldest rig stationed in those oilfields – not quite falling apart, but it’s certainly seen better days, closer to the end of its usefulness than the beginning – and the workers are starting to get a little on edge. Days have turned into weeks that turned into months, and they’re overdue a shift change and a boat back to the mainland; nerves are beginning to fray and tension is starting to build. When their already-delayed transport is postponed again because of thick fog, they become even more restless – and then the tremors start. There’s something in the fog… read more >

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