The Saga of KK1213, a Historic 1969 Mustang Boss 429 Drag Car

Like this story’s subtitle says, this Mustang Boss 429 is one of the most important and historical Boss-9s ever built. It is KK1213, one of five pre-production cars (all black) assembled by Kar Kraft in Brighton, Michigan. So, why is this car white? And why does a pair of Holley four-barrel carburetors with velocity stacks rise out of a fiberglass hood like a wild hot rod? What is the lettering all about?

Richard Ellis, a prominent Ford collector, discovered KK1213 on eBay 10 years ago. The owner, Gary Horton, had purchased the drag car from Dave Lyall, who was the original owner and racer. Horton continued racing the car for decades, and even displayed KK1213 at Ford’s 100th anniversary celebration in Dearborn, Michigan, in 2003, but then decided to sell it, and Ellis came into the picture. Once he had the car in his possession, Ellis faced a very tough decision: should he restore the car back to Raven Black, as this pre-production Boss 429 left the assembly plant, or should he rebuild the car as the drag racer it had always been? Ellis decided upon the latter, and history is being so much better served. The current owner, Dave Steine, agrees… read more >

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