The Scariest Movie Monsters Ranked

The twisted but ingenious minds of filmmakers and creators have churned out some truly terrifying monsters and creatures that inhabit some of our favorite worlds and movies. From the terrifying Xenomorph all the way to the haunting entity from It Follows. There is no shortage of scary monsters to make even those with nerves of steel, left in fear.

Movie monsters have been a very important part of Hollywood, and more specifically, horror movies wouldn’t be where they are today without the earliest imaginings of hideous and terrifying monsters. It was classics such as Nosferatu, The Phantom of the Opera and Universals roster of classic monsters that first introduced the world to monsters on screen. These classic monsters terrified audiences back then, but as the times changed and with the film industry changing with it, we have been introduced to even scarier movie monsters, which are the stuff of nightmares… read more >

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