The Story of Ford’s Eight-Cylinder Masterpiece: The Infamous SOHC 427 Cammer

In 1964, Ford introduced the incredible 427 Cammer powerplant as a response to Chrysler’s NASCAR-conquering 426 HEMI. While things didn’t go quite as planned, it remains one of the most impressive V8 engines ever conceived. For many car enthusiasts, particularly those who have an affinity for powerful American V8 engines, the 1960s was undoubtedly the greatest era in automotive history. In the U.S., the horsepower war was reaching its pinnacle, giving birth to muscle car icons that hid some unbelievable powerplants under their hood. While emission and safety regulations forced carmakers to limit their power in street-legal cars, the true potential of these eight-cylinder icons was showcased on track… read more >

427 FE “Cammer” 1964 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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