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The Strange History Of Jack In The Box’s Jack

When it comes to clowns in the fast-food business, Ronald McDonald might be a bigger hit with the kiddos, but he’s all fluff and no follow-through. Sure, Jack Box of Jack in the Box has a ping-pong clown head, but clowning around is hardly the image he portrays. In the hundreds of ads, he’s appeared in over the years, Jack showcases himself as a businessman who gives the people what they want. Sometimes that means running for president and other times it means creating a combo meal for stoners.

Jack wasn’t always the popular character that fast food fans know him as today though. He was almost completely absent from the restaurant in the 1980s, and it took a health nightmare to bring him back. From his weird head to his hobbies and commercial successes, here’s everything you ever wanted to know — or perhaps never even thought about — when it comes to Jack Box. Read More >

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