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The Super Bee Is One of Dodge’s Forgotten Muscle Cars

In the world of automobiles, models come and models go. While some vehicles are impressive enough to stand the test of time, others are slowly forgotten in lieu of newer, better models. Though Dodge’s first budget muscle car helped pave the way to the impressive future it currently has, Dodge’s Super Bee was a brief moment in history that was soon forgotten. Or was it?

The 1960s brought an entirely new trend of vehicles to America. Decades of knowledge, engineering, and innovation helped broaden the market variety. And it was during this time that muscle cars were at their peak of popularity.

So when automaker Plymouth launched a budget muscle car in 1967, many other brands felt the pressure to move to affordability. And Dodge, better known for its sporty, performance cars than Plymouth, had to put out its own budget-friendly muscle car to compete… read more >


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