The Swinging Cheerleaders

Essentially a frosh/soph sex comedy, The Swinging Cheerleaders (1974) represents outsider director Jack Hill at the market top of his powers. After inventing his style in the 1960s with freaky first flick Spider Baby (1964) and Pit Stop (1967), Jack got his mojo working full time writing and directing The Big Doll House in 1970, The Big Bird Cage in 1971, Coffey in 1972, and Foxy Brown in 1973. The Man was on a roll, and with The Swinging Cheerleaders — a sexy, yet strangely dark university days comedy/drama — Jack rolled a lot of coin into his pocket. His next flick, Switchblade Sisters, released in 1975, bombed… and the run was over. By the end of the 70s Jack had retired to a life of yogic contemplation… read more >

The Swinging Cheerleaders 1974 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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