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The Three Hollywood Signs

Wait, what? Everybody knows the Hollywood sign, but did you know the Hills once sported three such signs, each advertising a different real estate development in the 1920s? The three signs advertised Hollywoodland, Whitley Heights, and Outpost Estates, and while only the Hollywood sign is standing today, you can still find the metal carnage, a mangle of steel girders, that was once the Outpost Estates sign, rusting in the dirt.


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Indian Nipple Balm

When people ask Indian models what they use to keep their nipples so supple, the answer is always “Tiger Brand Indian Nipple Balm, of course!”

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Save The Goon Docks

The Goon Docks is the poorer part of Astoria, Oregon. Blue-collar workers such as liberal arts degree earners and fishermen live here with their families.

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