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In 1980, Schaper Toys introduced their vision for new motorized cars that featured a unique 4-wheel drive, Stomper 4×4. Even before Schaper officially launched the Stompers line, they created another line of motorized cars, the Hill Hustlers. However, that line pales in comparison to the Stompers.

Fans still remember and collect these vehicles. People loved them for their ability to transverse nearly every type of surface. To help support their off-road capabilities, Schaper released several playsets that featured ribbed and sloped surfaces.

Beyond featuring common 4×4 pickup trucks, this line featured hot rods, military vehicles, and work vehicles. There were even tanks in this toy line. So, consumers could find a Stomper that pleased any one of their aesthetic senses. For a full list of the Stompers toys, check out this site… read more >

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